Vernon K. Krieble

Professor Vernon K. Krieble (1885-1964) was raised on a Pennsylvania Dutch farm, and became one of the most influential chemists in the country. He earned a Ph.D. from Brown University, along with Masters and Doctoral degrees from McGill University in Montreal. He chaired the Chemistry Department at Trinity College for 35 years, and published numerous papers in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. Dr. Krieble perfected an anaerobic polymer that sealed metal parts to avoid vibration and leakage, and which prevented loosening of nuts and bolts. Together with his son Dr. Robert Krieble (also a chemist), he founded the Loctite Corporation to market the sealant. The company is today the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty sealants with operations in 80 countries, and its products are used in everyday items from computers, automobiles, and airplanes to vacuum cleaners and mobile phones.

Under the leadership of Dr. Robert Krieble (1916-1997), Loctite Corporation prospered and developed the first practical Superglue technology. He became a legendary leader in public policy circles, especially in his leadership of the long-term effort to educate people behind the Iron Curtain about freedom and democracy. Considered a prime mover in the effort that eventually toppled the Soviet empire, he was also an original leader of the Heritage Foundation and several other important policy think tanks. He instilled in his own children not only a commitment to free market principles, but also a lifelong interest in policy initiatives.

Vernon K. Krieble, Ph.D.