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  • OPINION: Even 2000 Years Ago, People Knew Better About Anonymous Op-Eds

    In my early studies of Latin, I remember reading the famous story about Pliny the Younger, who was appointed Roman Governor of an area that is now part of Turkey. When he took office in the year 111 A.D., he had to deal with the ongoing persecution of early Christians, an issue to which he had never been exposed.  He wrote to the Roman Emperor Trajan asking for guidance. Pliny reported that because of the trials’ publicity, accusations had spread and rumors were rampant about who...

  • Is the American Experiment Dead?

    Last week’s op-ed by Stephen Dinan revealed that most Americans today could not pass the citizenship test. King George III would be so proud. He and his aristocratic friends laughed at America’s quaint “experiment” with self-government.

  • National Poll Shows Guest Workers Should Be Determined By Employer Demand, Not Government

    Red Card Guest Worker Permit proposal supported across partisan and demographic lines in POS/Ciruli poll WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The number of guest workers allowed under any immigration reform bill should be determined by employer demand and not government quotas according to a new national poll released today.  The poll was conducted by Public Opinion Strategies and Ciruli and Associates, and sponsored by the Vernon K.

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  • Lens of Liberty Re-educates Americans on the Responsibilities of Citizenship

    A citizenry that sees and understands issues from the perspective of freedom’s principles can influence outcomes at virtually every level of our lives. Moreover, all citizens who enjoy the privileges of a free society must play a part in keeping the nation’s ideals of freedom on course. As someone who is passionate about keeping America free from tyranny, your partnership with Lens of Liberty will embrace a unique opportunity to grow a more responsible citizenry- citizens who will take smart, ef...

  • Krieble Trumpets Outsourcing of Paperless Immigration Overhaul

    DENVER, Colo. -- The Vernon K. Krieble Foundation today praised an Administration plan to overhaul the nation 's immigration services agency, using a consortium of private-sector contractors to alter the way the government handles millions of visa applications, the citizenship process and work permits.  The five-year plan to convert U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services case-management system from paper to electronic systems –and outsourcing the implementation to private companies that can easily handle the workload – is part of a new plan the Foundation has been pushing for years.
  • Secure, Free-Market, Conservative Immigration Bill

    DENVER, Colo. -- Rep. Mike Pence yesterday announced plans to introduce a bill in the House of Representatives that would simultaneously secure America’s borders and establish a temporary worker program to help fill jobs in America.
  • Immigration Solution:Overwhelming Majority Supports Linking Border Security to Guest Worker Solution

    DENVER, Colo. -- A new national poll released today by the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation shows an overwhelming majority of Americans believe controlling U.S. borders requires a better system for handling foreign guest workers
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