The Vernon K. Krieble Foundation was established in 1984 by the family of Professor Vernon K. Krieble, scientist, educator, inventor, and entrepreneur. Recognizing that the Foundation's assets are the product of a free and democratic society, the founders considered it fitting that those assets be used "to further democratic capitalism and to preserve and promote a society of free, educated, healthy and creative individuals." 

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The Ageless Need for Missile Defense

Watch the TV spot we made sixteen years ago advocating the critical need for a strong missile defense. Will Congress get the message this time?

We Need a Strong Missile Defense

CSPAN-TV-01 Where Will You Be

Policy Alert

The Free Market Border Security Initiative

Americans are torn between our culture of law and order, our desire to have secure borders, and our need for the workers whose labor fuels our economy. There is a practical, workable solution that would require neither bigger bureaucracy nor higher taxes, a solution that can unite us on the middle ground. That solution is as old as America itself: Let the free market work.